Timothy I. Duffy Honored at Tri-County Scholarship Fund's Annual Lawyers Awards Dinner

May 17, 2019

On Tuesday, May 14th, Founding Partner Tim Duffy was honored at the Tri-County Scholarship Fund's Annual Lawyers Dinner benefiting the Tri-County Scholarship Fund's Freedom Scholars Program.

Tri-County Scholarship Fund is a non-profit organization that was founded almost 40 years ago by the late Bishop Frank Rodimer, then Bishop of the Paterson Diocese, and Mr. Ed Hennessy, then CEO of Allied Signal Corporation, for the specific purpose of providing scholarship monies to children K through 12 from financially challenged families in northern New Jersey. 

At the Dinner, Prudence Pigott, President of the Tri-County Scholarship Fund, said it best: "The Tri-County Scholarship Fund was founded on the principle that it is possible to materially and permanently improve the lives of the poorest of New Jersey’s inner-city children by providing them access to the superior and safer option of values-based private schools. Since its inception, the Tri-County Scholarship Fund has provided thousands of scholarships, totalling more than $26 million, for many of New Jersey’s most financially disadvantaged children, enabling them to attend accredited K through 12 private and parochial schools. We fund approximately 450 scholarships per year. These children all continue on to college, often the first in their families to do so, and move into productive careers, positively impacting their families and their communities. These remarkable results have been, and continue to be, made possible through the support of many caring companies and individuals also seeking to make a difference in the lives of the inner-city children." 

Tim has been a long-time member of the Tri-County Scholarship Fund, having served as Dinner Committee Chair (2007-2009), Chairman of the Board (2010-2018), and is currently serving on its Executive Committee (2010-Present) and Board of Trustees (2003-Present). Tim frequently refers to the Tri-County Scholarship Fund as "the greatest cause in the history of causes." He always notes, "Tri-County is not just changing lives, rather it is changing generations of lives to come."

After Tim was presented his award on Tuesday evening, Ed Hennessy commented so graciously on Tim's leadership of the organization: "Tim's dedication, leadership and commitment have been essential to keeping the Tri-County Scholarship Fund strong and growing...Such dedication is only possible from a leader who believes in the mission wholeheartedly."