Intellectual Property

Creation, protection and enforcement.

At Coughlin Duffy, we work with our clients to advance the company’s business interest through the creation, protection and enforcement of Intellectual Property (IP).  This partnership allows the Coughlin Duffy attorneys to counsel our clients on the best use and protection of their IP assets within the framework of their company’s goals and future plans. 

Coughlin Duffy Intellectual Property attorneys excel at negotiating IP transactions, conducting due diligence, creating IP portfolios and managing IP assets.  Litigation is an additional strength of the Coughlin Duffy IP practice.  The IP practice is unique due to the diversity and depth of solutions we offer to our clients to protect their most valuable asset.  Coughlin Duffy attorneys offer representation in trademark, copyright, trade secret, unfair competition, e-commerce and other digital legal issues.  In addition, we provide representation in patent enforcement litigation and defense litigation.    

We protect our client’s business from cybersquatting, domain name disputes, internet reputation attacks and slander.  We work with our clients to address the challenges presented by new technologies, to protect our clients’ rights and to comply with security, privacy and anti-spam measures.

Our representation of computer software developers, Internet website developers and website owners has given us extensive experience in cyber law and copyright law. We have represented authors and publishers in licensing agreements.  We assist with the filing of copyright applications for a variety of media, including literary and musical works, sound recordings and computer programs.

We prosecute trademark applications, and resolve issues related to license agreements, concurrent use agreements, cancelation proceedings and infringement actions.

Our attorneys have routinely negotiated license agreements including collaboration agreements, development agreements and distribution agreements.  We have significant experience in the domestic and international business communities. In addition, we regularly counsel clients on licensing, developing and distributing products. We negotiate mergers, acquisitions, and other business transactions involving the transfer of technology and intellectual property assets. 

We help companies to identify business information and practices that are suitable for trade secret protection. We counsel clients on developing and documenting strategies to protect their trade secrets such as marketing plans, vendor lists, customer lists, software and business plans. These strategies help our clients to guard against internal and external losses.  We create employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, company handbooks focusing on confidentiality and non-disclosure policies, and independent contractor agreements.  We help our clients implement many other uniquely tailored measures designed to help companies protect their trade secrets and work product.

Coughlin Duffy attorneys assist clients in the creation, development and protection of IP.  We partner with clients to achieve the best utilization of those assets to help advance their business, to enforce their rights and increase the overall value of the corporation.  In all litigation, licensing, transactions, or opinions, Coughlin Duffy attorneys have the legal skills and experience to protect a company’s most valuable asset.